Caring for your Jewelry


Congratulations on your beautiful new items from Shikha Gupta Jewelry! Jewelry you wish to keep for as long as possible!

Precious materials and plating react with oxygen and will wear down over time and the plating will wear off making the color faint, turn dark and start to tarnish.

Here are a few simple tips from us, to make your favorite items from Shikha Gupta Jewelry last longer.


Follow the simple rule:


Put it on last, take it of first.

So shower, get dressed and use creams, make-up and hairspray first (and anything else you use in your daily routine), and then put on your jewelry.
This to avoid the jewelry coming into contact with chemical items and avoid getting stuck or being yanked off with clothing.



Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and long exposure to sunlight as this may cause tarnishing and discoloration.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when showering, swimming, sunbathing, cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities.



Jewelry is delicate, particularly jewelry with natural stones, so please handle carefully. If dropped stones and beads may break, so protect your jewelry from sharp blows and scratching.



Store jewelry in a clean, dry environment, in separate pouches or soft lined boxes. Keep your jewelry separate to avoid scratching.



Clean your jewelry regularly. For cleansing use water with a drop of mild detergent and a soft cloth. From time to time, metal parts can be cleaned with a soft jewelry polishing cloth.
Clean your jewelry carefully and remember that using a cleaning product also affects the plating of your jewelry, which will wear down with excessive use.


Handle with love!
Last but not least, handle your favorite jewelry items with love