A modern Danish jewellery brand combining the beauty of India, in elegant, exquisite Nordic designs. The Danish jewelry designer, Shikha Gupta is the creative mind behind this amazing jewelry brand, where East meets West in fabulous Nordic simplicity. 
The concept of this jewelry brand, is to enhance the natural beauty inside every woman. This beauty is enhanced by the splendid designs and colourful gemstones, rough diamonds and cut diamonds complementing every woman.  Her motto is to spread love and unite the world so we all feel connected and it is this love and beauty she wishes to share with women throughout the world through her jewelry designs. We are all diamonds in the rough, who have the most amazing shine inside and the jewelry is her way to bring out that inner shine.
It is vitally important for Shikha Gupta Jewelry, that the local society is supported and that the brand is able to give back to those who have less. Women and children are particularly in focus and Shikha Gupta Jewelry supports the women workers in Jaipur with a salary, which can ensure that their children do not work and instead can go to school.
Each purchase made from Shikha Gupta Jewelry contributes to this cause and you as a buyer, have a direct impact on women lives in India, with each buy.
Another important factor for this brand is that diamond and gemstone jewelry, is created at affordable prices. It is Shikha Gupta’s intention that all women should be able to carry beautiful jewelry in everyday life, and therefore they should be in an affordable price range.
Shikha Gupta Jewelry only uses conflict-free, fairtrade diamonds and precious stones.